Analytics Services

Analytics Integration

So you have a great website, SEO strategy and digital marketing campaign. How do you get a comprehensive view of how it’s all working together to drive your business goals forward?

Our analytics services can help you define and measure a digital strategy for your business.

We produce business intelligence dashboards to help you monitor and analyze your entire digital ecosystem. Whether your ultimate goal is traffic to your site, contact form submissions, newsletter sign ups or online sales, gain insight into what is and isn’t working. Our dashboards can help you identify how your website is performing, if users are effectively able to find you online, and if your marketing campaigns are driving a positive return on investment.

While we will set up a basic Google Analytics account for any website we build and give you access, our analytics services help you dig deeper into your business. We can use Google Tag Manager to set up advanced analytics tracking, define goals and measure conversions. With more data, you can develop a better digital strategy to drive your business goals.

Analytics Features

  • Advanced analytics tracking across your website
  • Analytics dashboards to monitor website performance
  • User Behaviour Analysis
  • Search analytics
  • Conversion optimization

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