Digital Marketing

Paid Advertising Services

Organic search results are great, but sometimes it’s not enough. We’ll run paid advertising campaigns that drive traffic to your site through the use of Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

We can help you target the audience you want, based on demographics like age, gender and location. This can help you engage a relevant audience who may not have discovered your service. We’re Google AdWords certified and focused on ensuring you see a great return on investment.

Digital Marketing Features

  • North Row Digital will develop, design and execute paid search campaigns that will drive engaged and interested visitors to your site.
  • For an upgraded marketing campaign, visual ads can be designed. This will allow us to market on Google’s Display Network and popular social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. This comprehensive approach will allow you to target and drive visitors to your site across all popular web platforms.

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